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Welcome to the Lab..

Welcome to our big experiment. For the longest time, I have seen posts on Social Media sites asking for affordable, modern-sounding imaging work parts. And for the longest time, I have seen stations have to turn to Zippy, Zappy star wars sounding fx that belong in the '80s because they don't have a budget that allows them access to the work parts that the big players have. 

Well, I've decided to try an experiment. As an Imaging producer with some 35 years of experience, I've created some work parts that reflect the modern radio industry, and I'm letting them go at a price that (I hope) most people can afford. Now there's nothing new in that.. BUT what I've also done is break down the package into individual tracks, and this is where the experiment comes in, I'm selling them at a bargain-basement price, and as they say in the classics, there's EVEN more...

As this is my first run at selling these work parts, the more you buy, the more I will make, and the cheaper I will make them.

Now like everyone I'm business for myself and need to turn a buck to house and feed my family. But what I'm offering (and what my commitment is) is that if you pay what you can honestly afford, I will continue my work on this experiment, and continue to bring you work parts that help[ you sound like the heavy hitters, without the thousands of dollars to outlay.

All I ask is that you pay whatever you can honestly afford. If that's just $1 well great, I'm cool with that, but if you have $5 (and it's the station's money anyway) throw in $4 and save a dollar to treat yourself to an extra component.

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